The workshop is designed especially for people with no previous exposure to the art of Chinese calligraphy, I will introduce briefly the history of Chinese calligraphy, the four treasures, the correct method of handling the brush, and some technique exercises.

The goal is to make Chinese calligraphy as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

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How to participate?

Choose from TWO packages, depending on whether you would like a DIY souvenir. Additional DIY souvenirs are 10 USD each.

  Basic Complete
Price * 1200 NTD (approx. 40 USD) 1500 NTD (approx. 50 USD)
Content Workshop only Workshop with DIY souvenir

Contact me here with above information, then I will confirm your booking by e-mail.

*Price includes admission to our beautiful new venue, the Dun Li Atelier, which is open only by appointment.

8 thoughts on “Participate

    • Thanks for your message!

      The workshop includes an overview on the history of Chinese calligraphy and intro to the Four Treasures of the Study. You will also get a chance to experience how to manage and handle the brush pen. That’s the basic package for 30 USD for about 1.45~2 hours. If you’d like to write your own DIY souvenir to take home, that’s the complete package for 40 USD.


  1. Thank you Teresa for the workshop . We enjoyed so much.

    Teresa showed us the proper writing skills during the workshop. It was fun and informative . Either you have basic knowledge about Chinese Calligraphy or with zero knowledge, You will love her workshop.

    Teresa speaks fluency English, Madarin and understands Cantonese.

    We love her workshop and will definitely recommend to friends.


  2. Hi,
    I am from Singapore. We will be in Taipei during October. I am thinking of bringing my girl who is 12years old to join this workshop.
    Can i know we as parents must join in as well or we can sit in and listen? We need to pay you in USD or do you accept TWD? Please advise the time for weekdays.


    • Hi Elaine, thanks for your inquiry. To answer your questions: 1. I usually only host the workshop when there are at least two participants and usually every one participates. 2. If Paypal is not convenient for you, in some cases I accept TWD in cash on the day. The reason I prefer to get deposit is to prevent people from not showing up. 3. As for my availability, I’m now mostly unavailable on weekdays, unfortunately. Sunday afternoons are better. If you must do it on a week day, it will have to be Thursday or Friday late at night from 7:30-10pm.
      Best regards,

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